Alex Carney

Learning Vulkan: Overview

I have always been interested in graphics and have on numerous occasions tried to dip my toe into the world of OpenGL and more recently Vulkan. However I have never been able to get past the “Hello, World” of these technologies - drawing a triangle on screen, I think mostly becuase I never really had a goal in mind once I got that far…

But that’s (hopefully) about to change! What better excuse than a new decade to jump back into this world for the 100th time and try to get to all those interesting ideas I see people playing with all the time!

I should say that I don’t really know what I’m doing and will totally be making it up as I go along. With Python being my favourite language, programming in C (C++ is just too intimidating) will take some getting used to let alone all the concepts specific to graphics programming! However that said I’m not a complete n00b as I have at least played with C on and off over the years - I’m sure I already know enough to be able to shoot myself in the foot! 😁

So the only thing left to do is set some goals so I don’t get lost after getting to the “drawing a triangle on screen” stage again. I imagine this will evolve into some kind of living document that I’ll use to keep track of my progress - if I remember to update it that is!

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